What to play with a friend on the street?

It's no secret that a healthy childis constantly in motion. Small periods of calm are possible only when your kid is busy drawing, modeling or playing with designers and other board games. All the rest of the time he rushes along the street or in the apartment, frolicking and playing. It is especially good to have a large number of loyal and reliable friends, with whom you can always play good and funny games.

The question of what to play with a friendkids usually do not arise, because the kids instantly find themselves interesting activities. In the world there are dozens of interesting games in which dexterity, strength and quickness of reaction develop. In addition, active games contribute to the child's mental development, since many of them require considerable ingenuity and erudition of the baby.

Take, for example, the game "high and low." What to play with a friend, no matter how interesting and exciting the game, which is as follows. Several participants join hands and walk around in circles. The presenter calls any known animal, and the children, depending on its name, either rise to their socks or squat. The one that zazevalsya or incorrectly reacted, he is eliminated from the game.

An interesting game is "Guess,how?". Its essence lies in the fact that the boys line up, and then they are asked to answer the question about how many steps to some remarkable place or object (tree, the beginning of the fence, the big stone, and so on). Each in turn expresses his own thoughts, and then the leader checks the correctness of the assumptions and congratulates the winners.

Play with each other children are very interesting,since it instills in the team spirit and contributes, in addition, to the development of an understanding of mutual responsibility and discipline. The football game is a classic game for many generations of children of all ages and nationalities. A real team game, which develops dexterity, strength and endurance, can become a true hobby of your baby for life. And for true connoisseurs of football there is no game better than him, because, what to play with a friend, how not to the ball. In addition, you can still learn to play basketball or volleyball, which will also benefit your child.

An interesting game that will be useful fordevelopment of dexterity and coordination of movements is called "Duel". Two participants draw on the ground two circles, 1 meter in diameter, located at a distance of 50 cm from each other. In the middle of each of them is put a matchbox, and the participants take their places in the circle. On a single team, participants with a stick in their hands are trying to push out the enemy's boxes outside its circle. Who succeeded, he won.

Thus, what to play with a friend is notis a big issue for our children. The mind of any child grasps new information so quickly that it is often necessary to stop children's games, because, in the midst of events, a child simply can forget about time.

Often children have to explain what in the gamethere can be only one winner, because they all want to leave any game winners. How to play with each other in such a way that there are several winners? Here you can also connect the child's fantasy and come up with interesting games. Depending on the age of children, games can be more or less complicated. In older age, they often play team games, because they are more interesting and teach children mutual help and ability to fight together for victory. It should also be noted that children's games are of great importance in shaping the child's correct perception of the world, since they enable him to fully realize the inherent qualities and abilities inherent in him.

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