Where is Barcelona located, in which country?

The capital of Catalonia is the main tourist center of Spain. An ancient city full of amazing architectural sights, ideal for independent and family holidays. Life in the area where Barcelona is located is in full swing, and every guest wants to stay here forever. Cosmopolitan Barcelona combines different cultures and religions, while maintaining Catalan authenticity.

A city that tourists love

The most beautiful city of the Mediterranean ranks second in terms of population, second only to Madrid. Guests who have already rested in the city, know exactly where Barcelona is. The capital of Catalonia, filling with positive energy and giving a charge of good mood, is located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula. The close proximity to the most popular resorts in Spain (Ibiza, Mallorca, Costa Bravo) makes it incredibly attractive in the eyes of tourists.where is barcelona

Where is the metropolis?

However, the question of where Barcelona is located and in which country is baffling to many. It arises at a stage of consideration of options about a trip. But it suffices to recall the course of geography to refresh the school curriculum. Then it will be very easy to answer the question: "Where is Barcelona?" On the map of the globe it is necessary to find Spain (south-west of Europe), and then find the city Llobregat on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, at the mouth of the river.

Some information about the city

The huge plateau, where Barcelona is located, is surrounded by the Collserola Mountains in the south, and the Besos River is the border to the north. Since the old city is located on a hilly terrain, its landscape makes an unforgettable impression on travelers. The highest point is Mount Tibidado, visible from different parts of the metropolis. Twenty-five years ago, a television tower built for the Olympics was erected on it. There are legends that it was from this hill that the Devil showed amazing panoramas tempting Jesus.where is the city of barcelona

The climate here is Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Since the territory where Barcelona is located in Spain,located on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the influence of the Atlantic winds affects the fact that there is very little rainfall.

When is the best time to come?

High tourist season falls on summer vacations and holidays. Most of the travelers, tired of the cold weather, come here to swim in the warm sea and sunbathe on the beaches. From the end of June until the beginning of September, the city in which the temperature of the air rises above 30aboutC, overcrowded with guests, and employees of shops and restaurants are behaving rather obsessively. If you are not afraid of fuss and noise, as well as intense heat, then feel free to plan a trip to Barcelona in the summer.

However, many people prefer to take advantage of the unique opportunity to save money on vacation and make an exciting journey in May or in the autumn, when there are few tourists and prices are pleasantly pleasing. And even in cool winter when the average temperature is 10aboutC, you can relax perfectly. As travelers say, the metropolis is popular all 365 days a year.

Treasury of world culture

The area where the city of Barcelona is located deserves to get to know it in more detail by examining every corner.The capital of Catalonia, with its unique color and special atmosphere, will allow everyone to enjoy every day of rest. The true treasury of world culture, attracting millions of guests with its masterpieces, has become the main tourist center of our planet. The architectural genius of Gaudi worked here, who left behind many attractions, and his name has long been a symbol of the Catalan capital.

where is barcelona spain

Where to go?

It is no coincidence that all the quarters of the charming settlement (Puchet, Carmel, Monterols, Peyra, Rovira) are named after the hills on which they are located. Barcelona is divided into 10 administrative districts, but the old city is the most interesting for tourists - the historical center of the Spanish pearl. Here is the Gothic quarter, where you can feel the spirit of the real Europe. El Gòtic is more reminiscent of a medieval miniature town in which time stands still. In the colorful labyrinth of narrow streets you can even get lost.where is barcelona in which country

It is impossible not to visit the Gracia area, a curious place where creative people and students gather. The most interesting corner is characterized by pretty streets withcustom layout. Here the fun continues until the morning, but real legends about the Bohemian parties. Gracia adore shopaholics who enjoy visiting fashion boutiques.

The main tourist street of Barcelona is La Rambla - the most lively corner of the metropolis. However, you can go for a walk in any area to feel the spirit of the proud Barcelona.

But do not be discounted and modern attractions. The new city (Eixample) was built only a hundred years ago, but is incredibly popular because it introduces the main works of the famous architect Gaudi.

In addition, campers love Mount Montjuic, where you can see many historical and modern monuments. From the top of Montjuïc amazing views of the city. Tourists will be able to visit the National Museum of Art, the ancient castle, see the colorful singing fountains.

barcelona where is the country

The beautiful city, which is best to walk on foot, just perfect for walking. Most of the attractions are not far from each other, and in a few days you can get acquainted with the main monuments not only of the metropolis, but also of the country.

Where is Barcelona, ​​when is it best to visit it, what to pay attention to - you have gathered all this information from this article. Even a week of rest is not enough to see important architectural and historical objects worthy of attention. This is a city that is suitable for family holidays, in addition, it is adored by couples who dream of connecting their destinies. The capital of Catalonia, which is the main tourist point in European routes, will give you a lot of pleasant and unforgettable minutes.

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