Where is Qatar? Brief description of the state

There is such a category of people who are crazy about traveling. They constantly strive to visit new corners of our planet.

There is one truly heavenly place. It is a small but amazing country called Qatar. The standard of living here is very high. Tourists can visit beautiful and unique places. Impressions, which will be very much after visiting the sights of the country, will last for many years.where is Qatar

Where is the state of Qatar?

On the north-eastern outskirts of Arabia, on a small peninsula of the same name is a small country of Qatar. The state is the monarchy of the Islamic world - the emirate. On the mainland, it adjoins Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the state has access to the Persian Gulf. The capital of Qatar is Doha. Where is the city? Qatar, like its capital, is located in the Middle East. The area here is mostly deserted. Naturally, this geographical position directly affects many factors, such as climate, flora, fauna, etc.

Briefly about the state and its history

Despite the small area of ​​Qatar (11 500 sq. Km.), The state is considered the richest country in the world. Such benefits are due to Qatar thanks to the largest oil and gas reserves. The Emirate is a member of the Organization of the Countries of Gas and Oil Exporting Countries.

The history of the Emirate of Qatar dates back to the period BC. Records about people who lived in these territories were left by Herodotus and Pliny. The state of the peninsula is in the 7 century AD, when this territory comes to Islam. Of course, this was influenced by the location of Qatar, or, to be more precise, the neighboring states.

The emergence of Islam is influenced by the neighboring Arab caliphate. For a long time Qatar was in the Ottoman Empire. After its disintegration, the state became a protectorate of Great Britain. In 1971, the country gained independence and officially became the state of Qatar.where is the state of Qatar


In order to properly characterize the terrain of a given area, it is necessary to pay attention to where Qatar is located. According to its physical and geographical characteristics, its entire territory is a desert. Only in the north occasionally appears a flat terrain and a few oases. The southern region is slightly elevated and is represented by high sandy hills.


The climate of these places also directly depends on where Qatar is located. It is tropical, continental type and very dry. Winters in these territories do not happen, and in summer the temperature can rise to 50 ° C with a plus sign. The average January temperatures reach + 16 ° С, in July - + 32 ° С. In this regard, the flora and fauna of the country is very scarce. Basically there live reptiles, rodents.where is the city of Qatar

Inland waters

Of course, if we understand where Qatar is, it immediately becomes clear that there are no practical rivers on the peninsula. There are also watercourses that dry out in the summer. However, the inhabitants of the country have learned to extract potable water by desalination of the sea. In the oases there are underground springs, but they are not enough for the whole country. Thanks to them, only the northern regions are provided.


According to the state system, Qatar is an absolute monarchy. However, in the Islamic world, this word means something else. The fact is that the emirate is a monarchy of a non-hereditary type. That is, all power (executive, legislative, judicial and military) may not necessarily be inherited. Because of the state structure in Qatar, it is forbidden to create political parties or trade unions, as well as conduct various kinds of political demonstrations. For consultations on diplomatic and state affairs in the country there is an Advisory Council. It includes 35 people.republic of Qatar where is located

Administrative division and population

Qatar consists of 7 areas - municipalities. The population is 1 900 000 people. More than 90% of the population lives in the capital Doha and the suburbs of the capital. According to the national composition, about 40% of the population are Arabs (this is understandable, given the location of Qatar), 18% is for Pakistanis and Indians, 10% are Iranians and 14% are representatives of other nationalities. About 80% of the population are Muslims, 9% profess Christianity. Other religions are also common.


The economy of the state is mainly focused on oil and gas production. 85% of extracted gas and oil products are exported, replenishing the country's budget by 70%.
Many industries are developed in the country. 25% falls on the service sector, but agriculture in the country does not develop at all. Only some northern regions, thanks to their close neighbors with oases, have the opportunity to engage in gardening and the cultivation of date palms. From livestock breeding nomadic tribes are engaged in the divorce of goats, sheep and camels.

Qatar is developing in the military sphere. Officially, he cooperates with the US in this regard with 1992. Here is located one of the major foreign centers of the United States Army.

The number of armed forces of Qatar is more than 12 thousand people. Of these, 8,5 thousand - land, air forces - 2,1 thousand, marine infantry - 1,8 thousand.


The Republic of Qatar (where the state is located, described above) has repeatedly been accused of interacting with various terrorist organizations of the planet. The reason for this was the availability of the popular television channel Al-Jazeera in Doha. There were speeches and messages of famous terrorists, for example, Osama bin Laden.


In terms of tourism, the state is also gradually developing. People say that Qatar is the Arab Emirates 10 years ago. Recreation on the shores of the ocean is perfectly combined with shopping and diving in the Persian Gulf.

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