Where to rest in December abroad at sea: options for a beach holiday

With the arrival of the first winter month, snow is already falling somewhere in Russia, and the residents of our country begin to skate and ski, while at the same time preparing for the New Year. And, undoubtedly, each person on the eve of this wonderful holiday begins to dream of a miracle. But we can give ourselves a fairy tale by going to these hot days in a hot country to meet the first day of the new year on the sandy shore near the sea.

where to rest in December

And it is quite real. Indeed, in many regions of the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, the beach season is open. Where to relax in December at the sea? Consider the most popular destinations that Russians choose at the beginning of winter.

December holidays

There are quite a few countries on our planet that attract with their well-groomed beaches and picturesque coasts. As a rule, tourists, when choosing the right direction for them, take into account the opportunity to participate in local festivals and holidays, the flow of tourists, the season, as well as the time required for the flight.

Where to rest in December abroad? Such countries of Southeast Asia as China, Vietnam and Thailand continue to be among the most popular destinations. It is these areas that are the most popular among Russian travelers.

 where to rest in December at the sea

The one who prefers romance and solitude, seeks to the islands. For example, in Bali or Maldives.

Where to relax in December at the sea cheap? Anyone who is interested in budget holidays, should look at Goa. This resort is considered the most attractive place in terms of price for the winter holidays.

Where can you relax in December in the western hemisphere? Here the most popular destinations are the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Smaller tourist flows flock to Brazil and Mexico.

Where is good to relax in December at the sea with the whole family with children? The best option is the UAE or Israel. In these countries do not need a tedious long flight.


Where to rest abroad at sea? In December, many Russians prefer to be somewhere in the tropics. Goa (India) is great for this. Here tourists are offered a service of the European level with an oriental flavor.And the weather in this first winter month here is exactly what you need.

Among the advantages of holiday in Goa on the eve of the New Year are the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays, a real kaleidoscope of Eastern markets and a series of endless festivals. And if we add to this the exoticism of the tropical coast, as well as the excellent weather that is observed here at the very beginning of the dry season, then the answer to the question “Where to relax at sea in December?” Becomes obvious. Of course, in Goa.

 where to rest in December abroad

Unlike other months, December is considered a period when the southern beaches of Kavelosim and Benaulim are almost as crowded as the northern beaches - Calangute or Morjim.

The tourism industry in Goa is fairly well established. There are markets and cafes, restaurants, as well as rental equipment, offering everything from bikes to diving equipment. In anticipation of the holidays, given the increasing demand, prices are starting to grow here. However, few people pay attention to this, because the rest on Goa in December leaves an unforgettable impression on the rest of your life.

For those who have not yet decided where to rest in December: it's very predictable and comfortable to get warm to Goa from the beginning of the dry season.In the first winter month, you can get maximum pleasure from the sun and warm sea waves.

In the month of December, the differences between night and daytime temperatures sometimes reach 15 degrees. The sun heats the air to +32 ... + 33 degrees. At night, the temperature sometimes drops to +20. Water heats up to +28 degrees.

Where to relax on the warm sea in December in Goa? Judging by the reviews of tourists, in the south of this smallest state of India there is a bourgeois atmosphere. In the north, there is a real whirlwind of freedom, where creative and interesting people come. Here hotels offer travelers rooms at the most affordable prices.


Where is it better to rest in December to celebrate the coming New Year holidays abroad? Very often, tourists choose their choice in Thai resorts. Hospitable and sunny Thailand is ready to host thousands of guests in December. And all of them, no doubt, will receive unforgettable impressions from meeting him.

With the arrival of the winter season in the Thai resorts begins the most favorable period for rest. The weather here becomes the most comfortable. Its average value during the day is +26 ... + 31 degrees.At night, the thermometer drops to +20 ... + 23. Slightly colder perhaps in the northern mountainous regions.

December in Thailand is one of the driest months. There is almost no rain here at this time. The sky is usually clear and sunny.

The water temperature in December reaches +27 ... + 29 degrees. At the same time the sea in Thailand becomes very transparent, calm and quiet. Only the Gulf of Siam is sometimes blown by the winds, which raise small waves that do not interfere with swimming.

Where to rest in December abroad? Of course, Thailand is considered a popular destination, but it is worth bearing in mind that at this time of the year a large number of travelers come here. In this regard, Thai beaches are so full of people that it is sometimes difficult to find free space for themselves. However, here, tourists find a way out of this situation. In order not to experience such inconvenience, they try to relax on the wild beaches, enjoying the sun and the sea in silence.

Diving enthusiasts prefer to visit Thailand in December. At this time of year, the sea, as already mentioned, is very clean. This allows you to easily admire the rich underwater world of these places.


Where can you relax in December abroad? To visit the beginning of winter on the beaches of Cuba is considered the pleasure of the highest level. Indeed, during this period on the island is beautiful weather. It allows you to spend almost all day in the sand or in the ocean.

where you can relax in December abroad

But besides a beach holiday, tourists can take part in the celebration of the Catholic Christmas. Traditionally, it is celebrated in Cuba with a grand scale.

Wonderful holiday option - the famous resort of Varadero. Here you can have a good time in entertainment, forgetting about all the problems and concerns. The meeting in Cuba of the New Year will also be interesting, because the holiday on the island is significantly different from our traditional Christmas trees with Santa Claus, tangerines and champagne.

December weather in Cuba is characterized by the same temperature of water and air. They warm up to the mark of +25 degrees. And sometimes the air is even somewhat cooler. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea cool down at a low speed.

Sri Lanka

Where can you relax in December at the sea? One of the popular tourist destinations is Sri Lanka.This is a real paradise on our planet, where many would like to celebrate the New Year.

The island is so close to the equator that it's hot in any month of the year. There is no significant range in temperature variations. However, the weather here in different periods still has its differences. As for December, it is the beginning of a favorable season, when the monsoons receding, bringing torrential rains, do not disturb people with hurricanes and floods.

On the eve of the New Year, the weather in Sri Lanka is quite comfortable. There are rains here, but they are warm and short. The air warms up to +30 degrees by day, and at night the thermometer does not fall below +26.

Such a wonderful weather makes it possible to diversified rest. Beach tours are especially popular in Sri Lanka. They give travelers the intoxicatingly clean air, the abundance of the sun and the boundless ocean, pleasing the eye with a turquoise smooth surface. All this greatly enhances the desire to swim for a long time in warm waters and bask in the white sandy beaches, which stretch for more than 1000 km. These coastal areas, surrounded by dense rows of coconut palms, have provided Sri Lanka with the glory of the resort. And in December there is a high tourist season here.Hotels that are located near the water constantly receive more and more new holidaymakers. However, the beaches are not particularly crowded.

Considered to be the cleanest coast in Hikkaduwa. Several nice beaches are located near the port of Galle. This is Dalavella and Unawatuna. As for Mount Lavinia, there are quite strong undercurrents, and, as a rule, young people prefer to relax here. In Colombo, in Bentota and in Beruvelloy there are often big waves, so you should not go here with the children.


For many avid travelers, the answer to the question "Where to rest in December?" Does not cause much difficulty. Of course, in the Dominican Republic, where at that time there is an unusually sunny and mild weather, and the atmosphere of the island is filled with fun and joy brought by the upcoming holidays.

where you can relax in December at the sea

In December, those who have already managed to miss the summer rush here from the Russian cold and frost. Tours to the Dominican Republic and tourists wishing to celebrate the New Year's meeting without the smell of spruce and snowdrifts, preferring the hot rays of the Caribbean sun and relaxing on the white sand next to the warm sea waves.

December on this island is a wonderful month. With his arrival, the wet season was left behind, and it started to rain very rarely. In addition, in December, the threat of storms and hurricanes is finally eliminated. So you can relax and relax at your pleasure.

As for daytime temperatures, it is at +30 degrees in the capital of the island, in Boca Chica and in Pa-Romane. In Punta Cana, which is a VIP-area for tourists, the thermometer rises to +29 in the afternoon.

The north coast of the island is exposed to the north-east wind, so there is somewhat cooler there. So, on the Samana Peninsula, as well as in Puerto Plata, the temperature is +28. In the evening the air is cooled to +18 ... + 20 degrees.

The bulk of tourists seeking to the Dominican Republic, to enjoy the beach holiday. The sandy coast here stretches for many kilometers and is equipped for a comfortable pastime. Tourists here “catch” tan, practice swimming, surf, admire the beauty of the underwater world and soar on parasail above the endless waters of the blue ocean. The unrest in the Caribbean during this period is minimal.Uncomfortable happens only on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. After all, the coasts of resorts located there (for example, Puerto Plata) do not have coral barriers, because of which strong waves are observed on them.


Those who have not yet decided where to rest in December should pay attention to this country. Over the past decade, much has changed in it. Today, Vietnam can provide all the necessary conditions for tourists for a wonderful holiday.

 where to rest on the warm sea in December

In December, the dry season begins here. That is why with the beginning of winter in the country significantly increases the flow of travelers. But not all areas of Vietnam can go to rest, as in some localities not the best favorable conditions can be observed. For example, the central regions of the country continue to experience typhoon effects until the beginning of December, cyclones linger here until January. So you should not visit in this period, Danang and Hue. Enjoy the magnificent natural conditions allow resorts in the south of the country. It is here on the beaches you can see a surge in the number of tourists. After all, tourists are attracted to the warm ocean and the bright sun.The thermometer rises in the southern regions to +25 ... + 27 degrees.

Where to relax in December in Vietnam? The best tourist places are the islands of Phu Quoc and Kondao, the city of Phan Thiet with the nearby village of Mui Ne and, of course, the so-called Vietnamese Riviera - Vung Tau resort. As for Nha Trang, here the weather can please travelers or, conversely, let down.

Rest on the islands is perfect for those who are immersed in the abyss of the sea, to admire the representatives of the amazing underwater world. It is worth noting that diving in Vietnam is one of the cheapest in the world, but at the same time it is organized at the highest level.


If you are faced with the question “Where to rest in December?”, Then it is worth bearing in mind that a beach holiday in this country is possible only at the Eilat resort. It is considered year-round, but still at the beginning of winter is not very friendly for tourists. The water temperature here is at +23 ... + 24 degrees and slightly exceeds the air temperature. And if we consider the windy weather, then not everyone is going to swim in this season. Nevertheless, vacationers can bask in the sun, while receiving a light tan.

In December, it is possible to go to the Dead Sea to Israel only for treatment in the SPA centers located here, as the temperature of the water will not bring pleasure while bathing. On the Mediterranean coast, beaches are completely empty. Tourists come here in December only in search of peace and quiet. All their free time they spend at the pool with heated water.

Only +20 degrees is the sea water temperature in Netanya, Haifa and Tel Aviv. Therefore, not many dare to swim. In addition, strong winds and storms for December are not uncommon.


The United Arab Emirates is famous for its elite expensive holiday for true connoisseurs of beach pleasure. This eastern country will surely surprise even the most experienced traveler.

Rest in a state that is impressive in its luxury and provides comfortable conditions for tourists is possible all year round. But December is considered one of the best months for a trip. After all, the beginning of winter is marked by beautiful weather and a huge number of festive events.

Beach vacation attracts a large number of Russian tourists to the UAE.This was particularly affected by the simplification of the visa regime. In December, the air temperature in the resorts of the Emirates is +25 degrees. Water also cools. However, many tourists do not pay special attention to this cooling. In this regard, the beach season does not lose its relevance with the onset of winter.


Is it possible to beach vacation in December in the Middle Kingdom? China is a rather large country located in several climatic zones. The real summer weather in December here can be felt far from everywhere.

 where to rest in December at the sea cheap

For a beach holiday fit tropical island of Hainan, as well as the southern part of the state - Sanya. In the daytime, the air temperature here is +23 ... + 26 degrees, and the water warms up to +22 ... + 23. Rains in December in these areas are quite rare. In addition to a beach holiday, many tourists are invited to visit the thermal springs and health resorts.

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