Who are the Athos elders?

Mount Athos is located on the territory of Greece, but has the status of a republic. This is one of the most visited places. Christian pilgrims come here from all over the world: to visit monasteries, worship holy icons, and receive advice from a spiritual guide. Athos - the earthly lot of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she is his abbess and patroness. But not only women are denied access here, but also any “female entity”. And this is an official law.

In pre-Christian times, there were pagan temples on the mountain in which Zeus and Apollo were worshiped. Yes, and the mountain itself is named after the titan Athos, who dared to fight against the gods. The legend says about a big stone that Athos threw during the war and it turned into a mountain. Now it is the center of Orthodoxy, an independent monastic state, about which there is a special article in the Greek Constitution.

The Prayer Matter of the Athos Hermits

On Athos there are more than 20 functioning monasteries, where more than two thousand brothers offer daily prayers in the glory of God, for the insight of the human soul and repentance.Thousands of visitors come here, and, although access to the island is limited, the number of pilgrims increases every year.

Athos eldersThe help of monks in prayer is invaluable, but special veneration is given to the elders, teachers and spiritual leaders of the Church. The eldership is a special tradition that has been accepted by many inhabitants of the desert and has been supported by them for a thousand years. In the entire history of this tradition, the Athos elders and hermit monks were repeatedly persecuted, and the monasteries were even occupied and destroyed. Nevertheless, the path of senile care is still thriving on Mount Athos.

Athos elders and laity

Throughout its existence, the Athos elders not only actively revived Athos monasticism, influencing the younger generation, but also involved many people in the service of God. Many Athos elders often and with pleasure help ordinary people with advice and prayers in worldly life. Modern people are arranged in such a way that magical power is attributed to many phenomena, not paying attention to the changes that occur in their own soul. Bad luck in business or personal life, illness or inability to have children, all this leads people to the peninsula asking for help.Prayer of the Detention of the Athos Elder

More than three hundred prayers are pronounced daily by the monks of Athos, but there are special ones, and they can help in special cases when life or health is threatened. For such prayers there may be special days to read or indisputable rules. But it is worth remembering that you should always start with yourself. If a person inexplicably draws trouble to himself, then the reason for this is most likely that he himself. The prayers of Pansophia of Athos help in retaining the unclean spirit in time, which is so necessary for a person to make an important decision, self-knowledge and repentance.

1848 prayer rule

In 1848, the elder Pansophius of Athos acquired the opportunity to write a special prayer for the retention of an unclean spirit. At this time there were many prophecies about the demise of the world. The bourgeois-democratic revolution in France, famine and pestilence, the cholera epidemic that claimed tens of thousands of lives, all these circumstances made not only ordinary people worry, but also clergymen. Athos elders, and in particular Pansofiy Athos, resorted to the compilation of special prayer rules, with the help of which it would be possible to free the world from the evil that was raging at that time.Prayer of the Athos Elders

The time of revolution has passed, and the prayer, compiled at that time, has gained quite serious popularity. It is believed that it helps from almost any illness or enemy, especially from the impact that is connected with the occult sciences, from sorcerers and sorcerers, from the evil spirits that do not allow to live in peace. It protects from people envious, bilious and vain, from gossip and slander, which are generated due to envy of others.

Special order

But people do not think much about the fact that the prayer itself primarily helps to cleanse your own soul from sin. A person does not want to come to terms with many of the circumstances of his life, the cause of which he becomes. And then he resorts to the help of the prayer of Pansophia of Athos. She is credited with special properties and people want to believe that she can help from a strong evil eye.

Prayer of Detention of the Elder Pansophia of AthosMany clerics bless her to read, and it is often read by people who want to find peace and tranquility in this world. The prayers of the elder Pansophia of Athos require careful and cautious attitude. It is best to use special instructions before reading it, which were given by Pansophius Athos.The adoption of these orders will help to avoid unnecessary problems.

Special conversation with God

The prayer for the arrest of an Athos elder is read hidden from the human eye and hearing, the power of its impact is confidential. It so happened that a man comprehends the power of prayer in solitude, therefore this prayer rule also has a private character. Prayer is a special, not always easy conversation with God. One reading here will not be enough, the Pansophia of Athos rule says about nine days, each of which must be pronounced nine times. Wrong, stumbled, stopped, then there is a need to start everything from the beginning. Therefore, you need to be careful, in every way driving away absentmindedness and inattention.

Prayers of the Elder Pansophia of AthosBefore reading it is necessary to carry out a penitent song, for only in a repentant and humble heart can true faith in God's providence arise. It is better to turn to God with prayer in the morning, at dawn, or in the evening, at sunset. If these simple conditions are met, prayer can contribute to the restoration of health and the solution of many other problems. It can also help resist someone’s envy or curse.

Prayers of the Athos Elders

Why does the prayer of apprehension of the elder Pansophia of Athos have such a name? It is believed that it delays in time the evil that moves on a person. And no matter what shell it has, solid or not. That this man could stop and think about his soul, about what happened in his life. The prayers of the Athos elders basically have Holy Scripture.

Elder Pansophius AthosDetention prayers enlighten a mind clouded by their own grief and hatred, purify the heart, in which there is a place for the love of God and hope for the best. It is not very correct to assume that the power of prayer depends precisely on the number of readings. Of course not. Here the main thing is not only to understand, but also to accept the meaning of the mandates, and of the prayer itself.

Important to think

Very often, the clergy are asked if this prayer is not a superstition. In form and content, it is pleading. Such prayers are often found in church services. Before reading, of course, you need to consult with the priest, is not it harm. To calmly ponder your petition, make sure your modesty is modest. It would be nice to think aboutwhy this or that trouble happened, what role the person himself played in the situation, whether he offended anyone voluntarily or unwittingly, whether he had committed some sin.

The creator knows what is needed

It is quite possible that the reason for the deterioration of circumstances is hidden in the one who asks for himself, because the Creator himself knows what to give to a person and where to pardon. Currently, there are many prayer books that have nothing to do with church rites and can cause irreparable harm. If trouble has happened, it is easy to be deceived, since many prayers are written illiterately or carry an incomprehensible meaning. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of prayer books, the main thing here is not to harm!

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