Why do legs hurt when walking? Why do my arms and legs hurt?

Today we will talk about why the legs hurt and how to get rid of such unpleasant sensations. It should be noted that both men and women face this problem. Although the representatives of the weaker sex complain of similar pains more often than the strong half of humanity.

So, why do legs hurt when walking or alone? We will try to answer this question in the presented article.

why do my feet hurt

The most common causes

Most often, the question of why the legs hurt, ask women who love to walk for a long time in high heels. Experts answer it quite simply: "This is banal fatigue." Even if you do not wear high-heeled shoes, but spend all day on your feet, by the end of the day such a regime will surely make itself felt.

There are other reasons why your feet hurt. This symptom can be caused by abnormalities associated with diseases of the bones, blood vessels, veins and muscle tissue of the lower extremities.To understand exactly why the legs hurt, you should watch your body and identify the causes that contribute to the occurrence of unpleasant sensations.

Varicose veins

This disease often contributes to the appearance of pain in the lower limbs. Recognizing it is pretty easy. Just look at your legs carefully. If they have a characteristic venous pattern, then this problem has affected you. It should also be said that with varicose veins, the patient has not only a feeling of pain, which increases by the end of the day, but also swelling, as well as a feeling of heaviness.why does a child's feet hurt

Now you know why your legs hurt a lot. But what to do in this case? For the treatment of this disease it is recommended to visit a phlebologist, who is obliged to prescribe an ultrasound of the veins. Depending on the condition of your vessels, the doctor must prescribe the appropriate treatment. By the way, it is possible to significantly reduce pain with the help of gymnastics or compression hosiery.


This disease is easily recognized by the sensations experienced by the patient. If he is disturbed by a sudden sharp and throbbing pain, as well as a burning sensation in the calf muscles, then he is dealing with the aforementioned deviation.By the way, with thrombophlebitis, there are not only discomfort, but also edema with redness. This is due to the fact that the veins with this disease begin to gradually thicken. Sometimes they hurt so much that it’s just impossible to touch them. In this case, a person almost always rises to 38 degrees.

If you have found thrombophlebitis, then you should definitely contact a vascular surgeon who will perform an angiography and evaluate the degree of vein blockage.


For such a disease is characterized by convulsions in the calf muscles, as well as pain in the hip and knee joints. Typically, the risk group includes the weaker sex over 40 years old (often blond and fragile). Also, osteoporosis often occurs in smokers and coffee lovers.why feet hurt

To get rid of this problem, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe a densitometry (the process of examining bone density), as well as calcium supplements.


Why do legs and feet hurt? If you are interested in this question, it is necessary to be examined for endarteritis.Recognize the disease can be pain in the calves and feet. As a rule, the discomfort comes on the move, but not immediately, but only after you walk approximately 200 meters. Moreover, stopping a person helps to eliminate pain.

Before treating this disease, it is necessary to consult a vascular surgeon, as well as medical examination (vascular ultrasound, MRI, complete blood count and angiography).

Flat feet

The reason why the legs and feet hurt can be not only endarteritis, but also such a deviation as flatfoot. The disease is characterized by aching pains of the feet, which most often occur by the end of the day. Also, a person can observe cramps and swelling in the ankles. An indirect sign of this deviation is the fact that the patient's shoes are wrinkled mainly from the inside of the heels.

What to do with this disease? Should refer to the orthopedist. Treatment options for this deviation depend on the severity of the symptoms. Some doctors prescribe medications, and some recommend surgery.why do your hands and feet hurt

If you do not know why the child’s legs hurt, you should also visit an orthopedist.In the event that a small patient has flat feet, then most likely he will need special insoles made on an individual impression.


Why do my arms and legs hurt if the ultrasound scan did not reveal any abnormalities in the vessels and joints of the limbs? In this case, such sensations may be associated with the presence of diabetes. Recognized this disease is quite easy. The patient regularly feels pain in the legs and arms, which, in turn, swell and numb. At the same time, the skin on the legs becomes dry and begins to peel. All these processes are accompanied by great thirst and general weakness.

By the way, such a disease may well be the answer to the question of why the child’s feet hurt. That is why the first symptoms should be a blood test for sugar and consult with an endocrinologist.

Pinched sciatic nerve

Such a deviation is quite rare. To recognize it, you should pay special attention to the nature of the pain. As a rule, unpleasant sensations spread from the back, or rather its lower part, and give to the buttocks.Later, the pains go to the back of the foot and reach the heel. In addition, the patient may feel burning, cold and numbness.

If you suspect that you had a pinched sciatic nerve, then you should visit a neurologist as soon as possible. After the survey, the doctor must prescribe an MRI. By the way, most often such a deviation is an echo of any internal problems with the spine. That is why treatment should be directed only to this part of the skeleton.why do legs hurt when walking


With arthritis, joint pain is unstable. It can manifest itself strongly, then weakly, then do not bother at all. If the patient stays on his feet for a long time, then the discomfort becomes intense. At that moment, he may feel that his legs are twisting. In this case, the joints swell up, and the skin around them turns red.

What to do with this disease? You should visit a rheumatologist who will prescribe an x-ray of the joints and do a blood test.

Atherosclerosis of the arteries

Another cause of pain in the legs can serve as atherosclerosis of the arteries. For such a disease is characterized by discomfort in the calves, which can occur during the day during movement and at night during sleep.By the way, regardless of the weather and time of year, the patient's legs are almost always cold.

For the treatment of this disease should consult a vascular surgeon who prescribe an MRI and ultrasound.why my legs hurt a lot

If all of the above reasons have nothing to do with you, and your legs ache, most likely, such feelings are associated with overweight. In this case, it is recommended to reconsider your diet and go on a diet.

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