Why hands and feet freeze: possible causes and methods of treatment

Many people know the problem when their arms and legs get cold in a warm room. In this case, a person can be in a sweater and warm socks. To understand the problem, it is important to understand the causes of this condition. Cold limbs may be symptoms of the disease.

Causes of freezing limbs. Poor circulation

A sedentary lifestyle and poor circulation can be the reason why hands and feet are cold at home, at work, while walking, etc.

There is an exit:

  • First of all, you should not sit for a long time in one place, but alternate the seat and small exercises in order to warm up a little.
  • The best option would be motor activity. You can do a certain sport or do physical education in the morning. Just a ten-minute workout will allow the body to come to a tone and improve well-being.
  • Experts do not recommend wearing tight things made of synthetic materials that can slow down blood flow in some parts of the body.It is important to choose socks in size so that the gum does not squeeze the shin. It is also undesirable to wear tight gloves.
  • This problem is more often encountered by people who are not watching their posture. Ideally, when walking or sitting, it should be level, shoulders slightly lowered. In a sitting position, it is forbidden to cross your legs.
  • In the evenings, a good foot massage.
  • Having taken a horizontal position, the lower limbs can be placed on a roller and lie down for several minutes.
  • Improves blood circulation and combustible spices. Depending on taste, hot pepper, mustard, ginger, horseradish or cardamom can be added to the dish.

why hands freeze

Constant stress and smoking

Probably more than once it was noticed that during stress hands can get cold. But why are limbs of arms and legs cold? Smoking, in turn, provokes a spasm of blood vessels, which is equivalent to a stressful situation. If a person is often more often nervous, this may be the answer to the question why hands get cold.

If the work is associated with stress, it is important either to reconsider their point of view, learn to be more balanced, not to take different tiffs to heart.Alternatively, you can refer to natural sedatives, which are desirable to buy only on the recommendation of the doctor.

Smoking man to part with his bad habit.

It is not necessary to sit for a long time in the same position with pursed legs. Thus, the blood flow is disturbed, and the legs can become numb, which leads to a problem.

In some cases, cold limbs are considered a symptom and harbinger of a serious illness.

why hands and feet are cold

With diabetes

Why are limbs of arms and legs cold? Among the reasons provoking discomfort, diabetes is considered, the consequences of which are vessels that are more fragile than in healthy people. If the legs become cold regularly, this symptom indicates a complication of the disease and may cause a diabetic foot. The disease is characterized by a weakened nutrition of the tissues of the limbs, which leads to gangrene and even amputation of the leg.

With venous stasis

One of the perpetrators of the problem may be venous congestion in the lower limbs. A person can observe not only discomfort and coldness in the legs, but also pain after physical exertion, swelling.In some cases, there are inflamed areas, which requires an immediate appeal to a specialist.

With Raynaud's syndrome

The disease provokes spasms of small arteries. As a result, limbs do not tolerate low temperature water, as well as cool air. In this case, the need to consult a vascular surgeon.

With vegetative-vascular dystonia

As a result of an abrupt change in pressure, alternately cold and heat, as well as dizziness, a person's condition deteriorates. At the same time, his performance is reduced and pain in the chest can be disturbing.

First of all, you should visit a neurologist and an endocrinologist, who will appoint a number of tests and help to cope with the disease. Thus, it will be possible to find out the answer to the question why hands and feet are cold.

why limbs of hands and feet are cold

With osteochondrosis

Human blood circulation is impaired due to deformation of the intervertebral discs. Constant pain in the lumbar region and dizziness can become companions for many years.

It is not necessary to shelve disturbing symptoms. A qualified neurologist will prescribe an examination, followed by a course of treatment.

With atherosclerosis

Why hands freeze at home? Is there still dry skin, frequent dizziness, and sensation of tinnitus? Then you can talk about atherosclerosis.

It is important to consult a doctor in time, who will not only prescribe the necessary research and treatment, but also advise on the nutrition and drinking regimen. The main task during this period is the elimination of toxins from the body.

why hands and feet are cold even at home

When thyroid dysfunction

Due to inadequate hormone production, the thyroid patient may feel fatigue, drowsiness, and loss of performance. You can also observe a slow pulse.

The correct decision will be an ultrasound of the thyroid gland and an endocrinologist consultation. He will also be able to answer why his hands and feet are cold.

Reduced hemoglobin

With frequent dizziness, pallor of the skin and increased fatigue, you can talk about reduced hemoglobin.

You should take a blood test. The doctor will determine the level of hemoglobin and prescribe the appropriate drugs and the necessary diet.

why limbs are cold


One of the common reasons why hands and feet are cold is nutrition, which is dominated by low-calorie foods. These include women who constantly try on themselves a variety of diets.In this case, the body lacks the right amount of fat and other substances.

In pursuit of a slender figure, it is important not to bend the stick. Daily diet is important to include a certain amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are the norm for the proper functioning of the body.


Once faced with frostbite of the limbs, a person in the future is constantly looking for the answer to the question of why his hands and feet are cold even at home. For healthy people, room temperature plus 15 degrees is normal. For those who have one of the limbs was frostbitten, it is unacceptable, so the limbs are cold.

To understand why hands and feet freeze even at home, it is important to exclude the presence of a serious illness and consult a specialist.

why hands freeze at home

Training vessels

Contrast foot baths are very helpful. First, feet are dipped in hot water and held for several minutes. Then immersed in a bowl of cold water. An excellent alternative to the bath can be a bath or sauna, where contrasting treatments are also welcome.

Sports activities

An excellent option to accelerate blood circulation is physical education. It is made possible in the morning and evening.Ideally, you can sign up for fitness or aerobics.

why hands and feet are cold at home


Experts recommend excluding alcoholic drinks and coffee from the usual menu for a couple of months. Before you go out on a frosty day, you can drink some fresh chicken broth.

Also the ideal solution in the cold season will be the inclusion in the diet of fatty marine fish. Optionally, you can cook salmon, mackerel or pangasius. It is advisable to bake or steam the fish. In this case, it will remain the maximum of useful components.

It is worth noting that experts recommend that people suffering from this problem replenish iodine reserves in the body. Therefore, it is important to include sea kale and nuts in the regular menu, adding them to salads or using them separately.

Drinking balance

Those who regularly face the problem, you need to follow the drinking regime. At the same time, besides pure water, herbal teas, fruit drinks, juices and compotes should be consumed.

Seasonal clothing

Asking why your fingers are cold, you should pay attention to the quality of seasonal clothing. Squeezing synthetic gloves are not suitable. Instead, you can wear mittens made of natural material.Do not wear too bulky things. Just put on a pair of lightweight things under a comfortable jacket. They must also pass air and not hamper movement.

Magnetic insoles

Alternatively, in the pharmacy, you can buy magnetic insoles that are put in shoes. They are constantly worn. Experts recommend putting them in socks for the night.

Recipes of traditional medicine. Burning tincture

For the preparation of effective means you need to take 500 grams of vodka, which add finely chopped hot pepper (2 pcs.) There also send for 30 grams. mustard powder and salt. Stir up the tincture and leave to brew until the remedy becomes reddish. Tincture can be used before bedtime, rubbing cold limbs. You do not need to rub it dry, it should be absorbed by yourself. After a few minutes, you can wear wool socks.

Hot baths

  • The ideal option to accelerate blood circulation will be hot foot baths that are made in the evening. In a large bowl pour warm water and add the tincture, which was described above. For 5 liters of water, you can take 50 g of funds.In a bowl add a tablespoon of cinnamon and a few drops of clove oil. The procedure can be performed up to half an hour. Then they wipe their feet and put on their socks.
  • Traditional medicine offers a pine bath, which has a positive effect on blood circulation. For its preparation, you need to take a couple of full handful of crushed needles of coniferous wood and pour two liters of boiling water. The product should be boiled for about 5 minutes, then let it stand for a while. In the broth add 100 g of salt, dissolving it. Now the tool must be divided into two pelvis. 1 part is poured into water with hot water, and the other with cold. The feet are first placed in a basin of hot water and poured with a ladle to the calf. Now the same manipulations need to be made in a basin with cold water. The procedure is performed until the water has cooled.

Fragrant Tea

A great addition to the procedures will be tea with the addition of ginger, which will not only increase the temperature of the hands of the feet, but also become a preventive measure against colds.

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