Wicked woman

But what kind of substance in our women in the head? How long, instead of brains, respect for yourself, love, will a mamaraka and a washerwoman live in a woman's body, which in any case begins to blame herself ?!
At a concert in St. Petersburg, Rita Dakota, parting with her prYnts, suddenly said: she is to blame herself, and relations with men do not add up, because child trauma with dad is not solved!
Awesome baba man, our, head, suddenly, Dakota, problems, ashes, blame, instead, women, make, red, Hamey, please, they grow up, generally, they start, badly, to lead, to repent

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With the grandmother and the ancestor who died in the nineteenth century, solve more problems! The model of relations with the father is to blame for her, and not that Vlad Sokolovky likes to give anyone who gives in the toilet!
That's where this crap in the heads of our women ?! Instead of an adequate assessment of the problem, its solution, a woman sprinkles ashes on her head: it was my fault that I was guilty that a man entered Lyushka’s neighbor’s gate!
And this Rita Dakota is not a freak girl. Not poor. Not zashugannaya and not scored. Not a milkmaid, tea, from Omsk, which a drunk husband had been beating for twenty years.
No self esteem, exactly zero. Not only did she first praise this dog, but now she also justifies: her father is guilty, that the man, puffed up, began to tear whores in the toilets of the nightclub!
The very fault - the position is correct.Of course, no one takes responsibility. Rita herself behaved with Vladik as a complete fool - put it on the goddess and blew specks of dust, inflating the self-esteem of nothingness.
But, my dear, in future relationships, evaluate a man as he deserves to be. Your dad, as well as great-grandfather, is not to blame for the fact that you have a chicken mentality.
Yes, men are polygamous. Yes, putting them instead of the icon in the red corner, they hamey, borzut and generally begin to behave badly. But even your mistakes are not a reason to sprinkle ashes on your head and repent.
Conclusions do - please. Cry, blame yourself, wait - suddenly a man will return, this is below the dignity of a person. Including women.
Worst of all, such Rita forgives, let him walk back to bed, and after treason he continues to use you as a drain bucket when he was not given at the club.
And for some reason this is what suits our well-worn women.
Sad, disgusting and squeamish.

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