Winter fishing bream. Tackle for winter bream fishing

Bream is considered one of the desired prey for any wintering fisherman. Catching this fish gives you incomparable pleasure, although sometimes it is associated with certain difficulties. Nevertheless, it almost always gives good results.

Winter fishing

This is a special kind of pastime. Winter fishing for bream, zander, carp, etc. is associated not only with cold and other discomfort, but is also limited in time. Practice proves that few can boast of a good catch from the ice.

The main thing for the success of winter fishing is the knowledge of the habits of prey. It is necessary to correctly determine the places for drilling holes (which comes with experience), the study of the structure of the bottom (the presence of holes and other features). Another important factor for fishing in the winter is the choice of gear. Often they are the ones that determine the size of the catch.Winter bream fishing

Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, ice fishing has several advantages over summer fishing.This is the freedom of movement, and the availability of all the depths in the reservoir. It becomes even possible to get caught in coaches and bushes, as well as in often almost inaccessible places that cannot be reached with open water.

Features of winter fishing for bream

With the onset of cold weather, this representative of carp moves to deep dumps, as well as areas near deep ravines and river beds. If the depth of the reservoir in which the bream lives, does not exceed twelve meters, then it can stay in places with maximum depth for a long time.

If the concentration of fish in the water area is large, the shoals periodically go to the so-called pre-layered “tables” or “watering”. Very often they feed at the entrances to the bays, going out at night to a depth of four or five meters, where there is a good food supply. And yet, most often, fishing for bream in the winter, in the Kharkiv region in particular, is best conducted in the stalls - the main shelters of large schools of this fish.

On unfamiliar bodies of water in mid-January, for example, small representatives of this carp species can be found after having done extensive preparatory work.In hopeless places where winter fishing for bream is very difficult, it can be lured with the help of good bait. At the same time it is impossible to fish only on one, even a very attractive site. And it is hopeless to lure the holes, which are located at the same depth and in close proximity.Tackle for winter bream fishing

Preparing for fishing

So, first you need to choose the area where our fishing will take place. Ukraine, winter bream fishing in the reservoirs of which is especially popular, is famous for its excellent places. Here, this representative of the carp family is common in large rivers like the Dnieper and Dniester, there is it in large quantities in the Southern Bug, in the Desna, etc. Having determined the territory, you need to start the device holes, and then begin to feed them. It is best to do this when it is already dark. Often for feeding, the arthropod is used along with breadcrumbs, raw oatmeal, roasted ground seeds, as well as bread crumbs and any uncooked cooked cereals.


For winter fishing for bream, the most often used fishing rod is with a hook and sinker, less often with a mormyshka without a nod. And fans of fishing with a submerged float is gradually becoming less.This is explained by the fact that the latter on the surface of the water quickly freezes over and therefore reacts with difficulty to bites.

Today, tackle is more popular for winter fishing for bream, the fishing rod of which has removable legs and a comfortable handle. Sports options for this type of fishing are unsuitable. Float, as a rule, put several fishing rods at once, on which there are different equipment for winter fishing for bream. Quite often used short leash, made of thin soft fishing line. Sometimes tackles with a double float are also used: in this case, a large one serves to compensate for the weight of the sinker, while a small one is a signaling device.Winter fishing rod for bream

Fishing rod with mormyshkoy

Winter fishing for bream with it, according to many experienced anglers, is much simpler and more familiar. Such a fishing rod is distinguished first of all by a special nod of a bream type with a size of from eighty to one hundred millimeters. It happens, of course, that some anglers use more genuine options, but this creates certain inconveniences during the burn.

A properly selected nod should, first of all, ensure slow, but, most importantly, smooth wiring, and secondly, be very sensitive to cautious bites of prey.As is known, the bream basically raises it up.


A variety of options are used for this fish: it is Uralka or goat, sickle-shaped or oat, etc. Winter fishing rod for fishing for bream requires a mormyshka with a curved shape. She is more catchy. Often, fishermen use beznadochnye mormyshki, but experts believe that this fish can hardly be called the best "object" for catching the bait.

If there is an active bite on a pre-lured hole, then the shape or color of the mormysk do not matter much. Bream is mainly interested only in the nozzle. With the deterioration of the bite, it is necessary to periodically change both the color and the shape of the bait.

Sometimes fishermen on reservoirs observe such a phenomenon: winter fishing for bream on a boat is much worse than on a hook of a float rod. Sometimes in the first case there is only a trifle, and in the second - large specimens. Then experienced wintering hunters do the following: drill two holes side by side. In one, a float winter fishing pole is put for catching bream, and in the other, the fishing takes place on the mormyshka. And depending on the tackle with which they bite better, they are gradually moving only to her.Fishing for bream in the Kharkov region in winter

On the yoke

This tackle among all winter varieties intended for carp fishing takes a very special place. Many believe that winter fishing for bream on a yoke is especially harvested by trophy specimens. This tackle is most popular in the Urals and in Ukraine, where it is used for fishing from the bottom at great depths.

The yoke will perfectly show itself even on a muddy bottom - where the jig and weights sink and stop “working”. And although from the very beginning it was invented specifically for fishing for bream, the rest of the underwater world also bite on it in the winter. Many winter roadsters are interested in the fact that large specimens mainly go to it. There are many varieties of this seemingly somewhat outlandish rigging. However, all of them have a principle of action that is absolutely the same and does not differ from each other. Its advantage lies in the fact that any angler will be able to make a rocker at home: its design is very simple and unpretentious.Our fishing Ukraine winter fishing bream

Night winter bream fishing

This is a kind of test fisherman for endurance and courage. After all, even with a good bite, a person can capitulate, not withstand the penetrating cold.And with the place of fishing you need to guess in advance: if in the summer you can easily change it, then in winter, and especially in the dark, this is associated with the hard work of drilling new holes. But if you are lucky, the angler is provided with the heat of emotions and an excellent catch.

Winter fishing for bream at night also does not do without complementary foods. Fishermen need to think in advance about what feed mixture they will use. Cook it easy enough. Most often, winter roads use crackers mixed with vanillin. At the same time, the Volga or Ural fishermen prepare lure from friable millet, welded to light softness, to which are added oatmeal and cake, as well as crushed seeds or hemp seeds. Not bad "work" and purchased branded options. Some bream fishermen increase their efficiency by adding bloodworms to the mass.

In any case, and this is followed by experienced hunters, in order to understand the food preferences of prey, before fishing it is best to explore the reservoir where the winter bream will be caught.

On Red Oskol

Winter fishing bream on the Red OskolAs in many other Donetsk and Lugansk reservoirs, this representative of carp prefers peas to all other complementary foods, and only in its pure form, without impurities. This legume can hold prey at the well for a long time.

In general, winter fishing for bream on Krasnosokolsk reservoir has its own characteristics. Fishermen drill several holes at the same time, at a distance of five to ten meters between them and begin to feed them. After that, the fishing begins, and at the same time from all. As a rule, the use of mormyshchyk tackle with a fairly long nod.

Mandatory conditions

Winter fishing for bream on a rockerIt is very important to prepare in advance the nozzles and, of course, the bait. The most popular for water bodies in Ukraine, for example, are the red worm, the bundle of bloodworms and the larvae of the burdock moth. Not bad "work" and raw liver with dough, breadcrumbs, raw or boiled scrap. In the Urals, winter bream fishing is quite good for lard with a crust of a loaf.

At night, the most common fishing rods used for winter fishing are most often used. They do not require any alterations or additional improvements. Used tackle with a nod with a jig, as well as "garland". It can be collected only from hooks or with a float. Not bad when the fishing rod is equipped with a sound signaling device, for example, a sensitive bell.

"Garland" of hooks is considered more effective when night fishing in front of mormyshkami. It should be equipped with a terminal weight and several short leashes. Their length is about five centimeters. This tackle works only with a nozzle and is used to catch bream without a game. At night the jig is not so reliable. Very often with her there are not bites, but only blows of prey. And when using the hook - the opposite is true. Almost every bite ends in luck. Yes, and this kind of fishing requires much less attention: you can even take a nap, if you take care of securing fishing rods in advance.


Bream - an enviable trophy for winter-fishermen. However, if on a closed reservoir, when searching for a place to drill a hole, a hunter often focuses on areas where the water is most saturated with oxygen and where the intended production is more active and feels better, then this is somewhat different in rapid rivers. In them, this indicator in the composition of the water continues to remain high throughout the winter. Therefore, this representative of carp, which with the onset of cold weather always keeps at great depths, in fast flowing rivers all the time moves from place to place.A flock can stay at the site she liked until it devastates the food base.

Technique of fishing

Equipment for winter fishing for breamThat is why winter bream fishing in the current is somewhat difficult. Many ask local fishermen about the deepest areas. Then, using the echo sounder or depth gauge, determine the boundaries of the channel holes. After that, several holes, fifteen or twenty meters apart, are drilled at the exit of the pits upstream.

Catching in shifts each of them, you must wait for the first bite. Only after that you need to feed the catchy hole. If there is no bite above the holes, it is necessary to drill along the dumps, which, as a rule, run parallel to the shore. Especially effective is winter catching of bream in sections of the river where rocky underwater ridges coexist with them. The flock does not leave such zones even when it significantly eats away all the existing food.

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