Wise to attract money and wealth: description, features and reviews

People develop, try, work, and they are not in trouble with financial problems. Do you consider yourself such a person? You work all the time, but you still have no money? Probably the problem lies in your energy sector.

Consider certain wise to attract money, good luck, influence, which will help you cope with financial difficulties. Periodically, the flow of energy responsible for the money question is unstable or blocked altogether. Therefore, you need to stabilize this flow. Wise to attract money to help you with this.

wise to attract money

Attract wealth and financial independence

By folding the fingers in a certain way, we stimulate points that can trigger various energy processes. In addition, it is very important full concentration and concentration on the goal.If we use wise to attract money every day, we unwind our energy, thereby achieving the desired as soon as possible. There is a statement that the usual use of wise may not be enough, since they only work together with yoga.

But contemporaries have already proven the effectiveness of this technique as an independent, separate practice. Although you need to consider that the use of breathing exercises, yoga or meditation can enhance the effect many times. True, when used separately, this technique perfectly helps to improve life, and makes the wallet heavier.

General recommendations

Before you start doing wise to attract money and success, you need to tune in correctly to practice. The main condition is considered to be relaxed and calm. You must take a comfortable posture while sitting and align your breath. To increase the effect, it is recommended to start the practice with auto-training, and also not to forget to remember about visualization. In this practice, the most important thing is inner peace. It is likely that one of the wise ones suggested below will help you speed up the resolution of monetary issues.

money wise

Rules of work

Initially, it is necessary to say about the three main conditions that are necessary to begin to perform wise for wealth, attract money and wealth, success:

  • have a clear purpose;
  • maintain an internal constructive attitude;
  • to feel the unshakable firm intention to achieve a certain result.

Wise to attract money you need to perform two hands. In this way, the feminine and masculine energies interact in the individual. It is necessary to sit with the face to the east and straightened back. It should be in a pose in Turkish or lotus, but if this possibility is not available, it is allowed to practice sitting on a regular chair, the main thing is a straight back.

It is advisable for classes to select a secluded place. At the same time, a person with experience himself will understand that a place can be absolutely anything, since solitude must be achieved within the consciousness.

It is also allowed to work with like-minded people: if several people think about the same goal, besides practicing the same mudras to attract money, the effect will be much stronger. This way you can achieve a real result much faster.

The pose generally works for about 10 minutes. The main parameter here is considered internal comfort. It must be kept until tension or fatigue begins to be felt.

wise to attract money wealth

Practice wise to attract money and produce concentration on a particular goal is better 2 times a day. Constancy is very important here. So, for the fulfillment of desires it is necessary to practice constantly until the goal is achieved.

Speaking of his intention, it is necessary that it really be solid. A clear goal changes reality and activates the power of consciousness.

Reflecting on desire, it is necessary to imagine as if it had already been fully realized, and also to believe that the required changes in life had already occurred. Arising doubts need to be learned to immediately ignore, while taking them indifferently, calmly. It should be remembered: in the surrounding world, obstacles may arise in this way, while they do not exist in the imagination, and there is no sense in creating intelligence in your mind. With this awareness, doubts will disappear.

I would like to add that for this practice there are no restrictions on health, age and so on.

Basic technology

Wise for wealth, attracting money and wealth will help you unlock the flow of energy, as well as improve your financial well-being. You do not need to think that money starts falling from the sky. You will get as many as you need. Enough to live in comfort. You will always have the means to satisfy your innermost desires.


This mudra for attracting money, wealth is suitable for people who are faced with monetary problems and find themselves in a deplorable situation. It is from her that the attraction of money begins. But it is necessary to warn that this mudra acts only when a person absolutely believes in his own strength, throwing off all unnecessary doubts.

Initial position: place your hands in front of the chest, palms should be pressed against each other edge down. Limbs should touch at the base of the palm. Little fingers, middle and ring fingers should be bent and connected with each other by phalanges. In this case, the thumbs must contact each other with the sides. They should be at an angle of 90˚ directed to the palm, while the index fingers should be raised up, pressing the pads towards each other (see photo below).

wise for the wealth of attracting money and wealth

Now you should close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and measuredly.It should be understood that such a powerful energy support is formed in the body that you can get out of stagnation. It should be applied mudra for three days, optimally in the morning.


We continue to consider the money wise. This practice attracts prosperity and wealth, increases the level of calm and trust. It is the simplest and at the same time the most powerful, gives excellent results. Kubera is the name of the patron of all treasures (material and spiritual), the god of wealth. In addition, this mudra perform for the rapid execution of all desires. It is done at any time convenient for you. There are no special precautions and restrictions for it.

You need to sit in a comfortable position. Then you should connect the pads of the index and middle fingers with the thumb. Next, bend the fingers to the very center of the palm. You should practice the cuber mudra, concentrating and concentrating on your own desire. It is performed three times a day. In this case, Kubera will reveal to you his unique possibilities.

wise for attracting money

Emergency money raising

This money wise applied when urgently need money. If a car breaks down, a sudden illness or an unplanned trip.Mudra will provide a huge surge of energy, therefore, it can not often be practiced, only in emergency situations, if money is needed urgently and for something important.

In this case, the palms are located parallel to the ground in the region of the solar plexus so that the fingers touch each other. One palm should be deployed to the floor: left - for men, right - for women. Ring your thumbs with your index fingers. The middle finger should be in a slightly bent position.

Concentration on the chest area is required; At the same time, thoughts are concentrated on the amount of money you need. Mudra is practiced several times a day. No need to perform it for longer than one day. If there is a need, the practice can be repeated only after a break of 1 week.

Next money wise

If you feel that in this period of life you actually need more finances, use this technique, which is able to attract additional funds.

To do this, you need to take any position, while cross-legged. In addition, you can perform this practice while sitting in a simple chair.Lay down your hands for prayer. The palms should be raised to the level of the head and lightly press the central joint of the thumb in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. In this case, breathing should remain uniform and slow. Wait a couple of minutes before proceeding to the visualization of this technique.

wise for the wealth of attracting money and wealth of success


This practice helps with great material difficulties to those who have already got used to the modest wealth, and also believes that a more decent life and improved financial situation do not threaten him. If success and wealth were already in person, this mudra does not suit him.

It is necessary to put your hands together, turn your palms up and merge them so that the little fingers touch each other. Connect the big, middle and index fingers on two hands. Eyes close. Try to completely relax and follow your own breathing, exhale and inhale deeply. Concentrate and reflect on the fact that the energy you need is accumulated between the eyebrows. Try to save this state for a few minutes. Mudra is held twice a day. Then a week break is required. She can help every person who has problems with money.

wise to attract money and success


Judging by the opinion of practitioners, wise people really help to attract material well-being to a person’s life. Only for this is the main thing - to believe in what you are doing, and completely relax in the process. Skeptics also argue that the effect of self-hypnosis has not been canceled.

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