Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director

Darkness Anatolyevich. That is what Mark Anatolyevich Zakharov is called jokingly by the indestructive artistic director Lenkom. How old is he now? Already 84. Connoisseurs of Melpomene from different Russian cities still come to his performances. His work - the result of hard work. As a director, he debuted in Perm. At first glance, he found his beloved and only woman. And he became a legend ...

The roots

Mark Zakharov was born in the middle of the autumn of 1933 in the capital of the Soviet Union. One of his grandfathers was a journalist and was friends with the great Gilyarovsky. He also supported the revolutionaries and, as a result, found himself in the Peter and Paul Bastion. When the First World War began, he went to the front. He died the death of the brave.

Another grandfather of Mark Zakharov was a Kolchak officer.When the whites inevitably retreated, he and his family tried to emigrate to Australia. But his wife decided to stay in the young Soviet state.

The father of the future director studied in the Voronezh Cadet Corps. But after the events of 1917, he went over to the side of the Soviet government and joined the Red Army. When the civil war ended, he worked in the military physical education field.

Mama Mark Zakharova always dreamed about the scene. She even attended classes at Zavadsky himself.

When little Mark was just one year old, the father of the future director was arrested. Under Article 58 of the Criminal Code, he received three years. His wife went after him. Therefore, the grandmother took up the education of the future director. In those days, she led one of the capital's children's homes.

When she was gone, the Zakharov family was reunited. But the father was once again expelled, and only the mother of the director raised her son. She got a job as a teacher in a children's drama club. To these classes, she was able to attach and her son.

Zakharov Mark Anatolievich children

School years

In those days, the young Mark was fascinated Obraztsova Puppet Theater, and continued to engage in the circle.A little later, he began to study at the Moskvoretsky House of Pioneers. It was there that he met Andrei Tarkovsky.

In school, he was not interested and, accordingly, he studied very unimportantly. Only in high school, he was able to correct the situation and received a good certificate.

After the final exams, despite the desire to become an actor, Mark applied to the engineering and construction university. However, he did not score points. That is why the future director decided to enter the theater institute.

In the walls of GITIS

Mark became a student of the legendary GITIS. When he studied at the II course, he began to play on the professional stage. Of course, the directors trusted him only episodic roles. True, Zakharov himself understood that he was a very mediocre actor, and his true vocation was near.

A little later in the course of mastery, the future director finally finally understood how to manage a troupe, a team and, finally, think globally. In short, Zakharov’s talent began to unfold in full measure ...

Zakharov Mark Anatolievich real surname

Director's debut

Becoming a certified actor, Zakharov began working in the Perm Drama Theater.

In this city, he worked for 3 years.As an actor, he skillfully embodied comic images. In addition, he took up artistic creativity. He painted for youth publications, created caricatures, organized theater evenings and tried to work on the radio.

It was then that he was invited to lead the student acting team. He managed to put on a play called “Aristocrats”. This production has become a real directorial debut. After all, now he already understood that he would be able to lead the entire production process.

Zakharov's wife Mark Anatolevich

Return to the capital

In the late 50s, Zakharov returned to the capital. For a short time he worked in the theater. N.V. Gogol. And in 1960, he began to work in the Theater of Miniatures.

Honestly, he himself composed miniatures. He wrote humorous stories, dialogues to plays and even screenplays (“White Sun of the Desert”, “Land of Sannikov”, “Star of Captivating Happiness”, etc.)

In 1964, he became a director of the Student Theater at Moscow University. On this stage, he staged performances of "The Dragon" and "Career of Arthur Wee, which could not have been." And the next year he was invited to the Theater of Satire. His performances “Profitable Place”, in which A. Papanov, A.Mironov, T. Peltzer, G. Menglet, and Banquet received flattering responses. But despite this, these performances were banned. According to Zakharov, his profession literally “hung in the balance.” But thanks to the teachers and mentors, the director remained on the scene. It was then that he was offered to put on the Mayakovsky theater the Fadeevsky “Razgrom”. The main role was played by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. This performance was well-deserved success.

Scaffolding "Lenkom"

In 1973, director Mark Zakharov was invited to work at the Lenkom Theater. In the same year, in collaboration with the poet and bard J. Vizbor, he staged the play “Avtograd-XXI”. A little later, Zakharov introduced a new production. She was called "Til" and was a resounding success.

On the Lenkom stage, Zakharov paid great attention to music. For example, after a triumphal performance about Joaquin Muriette, the director and composer A. Rybnikov began searching for a dramatic basis for another work in the same genre. With this idea, they turned to the famous poet A. Voznesensky. He handed them 2 collections of his poems. Among them was a poem called "Avos" ...Thus, a new performance appeared in which N. Karachentsov, A. Abdulov, E. Shanina, P. Smeyan were involved. And in 1983, the theater went on tour in European countries and in the United States. Melpomene admirers warmly accepted this musical production.

By and large, the artistic ideology of the brilliant director finally took shape precisely in these times, in the 80s. During this period, significant performances were “Marriage”, “The Seagull”, “School for the Emigrants”, “Crazy Day, or Marriage of Figaro”, “The Royal Games”, “Memorial Prayer”, “Jester Balakirev”. According to Zakharov, the success of the “Lenkomov” works was not only in following the precepts of the Mkhatov mentors, but also in the presence of such actors on the stage as E. Leonov, O. Yankovsky, I. Churikova, L. Bronevoi, A. Zbruyev, D. Pevtsov, S. Chonishvili and many others.

director Zakharov Mark Anatolevich

On the set

In 1976, Mark Anatolyevich Zakharov, whose photo you have the opportunity to see in the article, made his debut in filmmaking. He invited only those actors whom he knew well and collaborated with them on the "Lenkom" stage. The first film was the film "The Twelve Chairs".The main role was played by Andrei Mironov.

The second film work - “Ordinary Miracle” with the participation of A. Abdulov and O. Yankovsky. Then one after another followed the ribbons "Formula of Love", "The House That Swift Built", "That Munchhausen". Five years later, the picture “To Kill the Dragon” appeared. At the moment this film is the last filmmaker of this great director.

Recent history

One of the last successful productions of the artistic director Lenkom is considered the Day of the Oprichnik. It was created based on the works of the famous prose writer V. Sorokin. The premiere of the play took place in 2016.

In the same year the production of “Prince” based on the novel by F. Dostoevsky “Idiot” caused a serious scandal among theater-goers. The fact is that the director decided to remove it from the repertoire. Commenting on this, he said that the reason for the withdrawal is, first of all, in insufficient attendance. The artistic director also added that the production may still return to the repertoire.

And the last. In 2017, Zakharov starred in a documentary. The painting is called "His Majesty Actor."

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich photo

The only

It's time to talk about the family of Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich. Artistic director got acquainted with his only wife Nina Lapshinova a long time ago. Together they issued a student wall newspaper. Young Zakharov mainly created caricatures there, which were a great success. However, this has already been mentioned above.

Their personal relationships have not gone beyond work. But somehow the future director saw Nina with another young man. After that, he immediately offered her to be his wife. Lapshinova agreed, and soon the lovers played the wedding.

Zakharov’s wife, Mark Anatolyevich, has always supported all his endeavors. Together they went to Perm and three years later returned to the capital.

The newlyweds lived in the apartment of his wife. By this time, the husband worked in one of the theaters, and Zakharov in the other, where he played secondary characters.

The future master's mother-in-law was surprised where he got money for maintenance. As it became known, he continued to work as a caricaturist in Ogonyok and in the Soviet Circus. Moreover, the money for these funny pictures paid very good.

... his beloved wife was gone in 2014 ...

Zakharov Mark Anatolievich Nationality


Have children Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich? Yes. Zakharov and Lapshin have been waiting for the appearance of a child in the family for five years. And in the early summer of 1962, an heiress finally appeared. The girl was named Alexandra. For a long time, she has been working with her father in the theater. Many call her "Princess" Lenkom "

In the cinema, she made her debut quite vividly, playing a role in her father’s film “Formula of Love”. A little later, she took part in the filming of such paintings as "Criminal Talent", "Kill the Dragon", "Gray Wolves", "Hostage" and in many others.

When she was almost thirty, she married the famous actor Vladimir Steklov. According to her, she noticed him at the institute and saw him play on the stage of the Stanislavsky Theater. She admitted that the chosen one reminded her of Vysotsky in his youth.

This marriage lasted for almost 9 years. After the divorce, she never married again. She has devoted all her life and devotes to her favorite theater.

When she has free time, she reads serious literature and walks with her beloved dog.

Children in this great actress no.

Zakharov Mark Anatolievich Family

Interesting Facts

  1. Over the years, Mark Zakharov has been teaching.After all, as early as 1983, the head of the Mayakovsky Theater offered him to teach directing at GITIS.
  2. The art director of Lenkom periodically writes articles for some publications. As a rule, he talks about the problems of the theater and even about politics. In addition, Zakharov is the author of two books. These works are devoted to issues of contemporary direction.
  3. At one time, the director was also the main presenter of a popular television program. It was called Kinoserpantin.
  4. Mark Zakharov loves to read. His favorite books are works by Paul Johnson and Nikolai Berdyaev.
  5. In 1989, he became the people's choice of the Soviet Union. He was also a member of the CPSU, but once he publicly burned his party card.
  6. There is a lot of controversy about the nationality of Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich. His grandmother is a Jewish Karaite. Also in his family were Tatars, and, of course, the Russians, to which he identifies himself, first of all. The real name of Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich is Shirinkin.
  7. The director is obliged for his appointment in Lenkom, first of all, to the head of the capital V. Grishin. Culture Minister E. Furtseva was categorically opposed to Zakharov’s candidacy.However, Grishin insisted on his own and single-handedly could still appoint him as artistic director.

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Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 68

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 51

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 19

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 84

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 5

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 49

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 12

Zakharov Mark Anatolyevich: photo, biography, personal life and work of the director 98